Food in different countries of the world

Food in different countries of the world
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What do Citizens of other States Eat?

Each state has a traditional dish. For example, Germany is associated with sausages and beer. The USA is the motherland of a hamburger. On the infographic, you can see what traditional food in different countries is. In the article, let’s consider the topic in detail.

What to Try When Traveling across the World?

  1. Poutine became a national Canadian dish. It comprises French fries with curd cheese and brown sauce. Festivals are even organized in honor of this dish! If you happen to be in Canada, do not skip the opportunity to try it.
  2. Falafel is a traditional dish for the Middle East. It is served in a flat cake (pita). The dish looks like the balls of ground beans with spices in sesame sauce with vegetables. If you find yourself in the Middle East countries, try the dish.
  3. Churro. If you are going to Spain or Portugal, be sure to try the sweet pastries from fried puff pastry, which is often served with chocolate. It is a traditional dessert for breakfast.
  4. Scottish eggs. This is a boiled egg in minced meat, which is fried in breadcrumbs.
  5. Semla. It is a cardamom roll filled with a mixture of milk and almond paste. Its top is decorated with whipped cream and powdered sugar!
  6. Krakow bagel. If you’re in Krakow, try a bagel with a crispy crust sprinkled with salt or poppy seeds.
  7. Sauce mole. It is a traditional Mexican sauce. It comprises more than 100 ingredients. It is served with meat.
  8. Tayaki. These are traditional Japanese waffles. They are made in the form of a fish. Everyone can choose the favorite filling: from ice cream to meat. You can taste waffles with jam, cheese, custard, chocolate. Just develop imagination and create a unique recipe.
  9. Gelato is an Italian ice cream that is not so easy to buy. It is not sold in ordinary stores. It is cooked in special gelatories. This is a special cafe where they sell ice cream immediately after cooking. Thus, it is a natural product that has an unforgettable taste!
  10. Australian meat pie! For those, who choose to travel the whole continent, there will be something to taste. This dish is called the greatest in Australian cuisine. It is a small-size pie with meat filling and sauces. Usually, it is served with ketchup.

It’s definitely worth traveling at least once to try these delicious dishes of traditional cuisines. Arrange a gastronomic tour to visit the best food countries in the world and try their traditional dishes.

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