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Lesson Plan Search: Subject and/or Grade
Lesson Plans

These comprehensive lesson plans have been designed by teachers, for teachers in order to improve student achievement in classrooms across the nation and abroad.

Click on a subject field to discover a wealth of curriculum materials that you can use! These lesson plan units are also organized according to grade levels.

TeachNet seeks to improve student learning by helping teachers integrate web-based lessons into their instructional practice.

Lesson Plan Search: Subject and/or Grade

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You may also view our most popular teacher-created lesson plans in all subject areas and all grade levels.

What Makes A Good Friend?
The Ocean Biome
Breads from Around the World
The Great American Melting Pot
Catching on to Catcher in the Rye
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Digging Into the Past
The Real Way to Moolah Beach!
The Vision Contest

The Darkling Beetle
Creating a Poetry Web Site
Are We Alone?
Pedestrian Safety
A Walk in an Impressionist Garden
Power Point Poems
Let's Rock
The Renaissance
Making e-Books
Drawing the Line

Mrs. Jackson's Morris Farm Alphabet Book Site


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