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  High School > Business and Careers
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Middle School , High School

Business Careers, Music, Technology Media

Software Programs

Pupils are asked to design and present a data handling system for the management of a fictitious music company called '2tone'. The system should host customer information and be sufficiently robust to provide solutions to problems.
Middle School , High School

Fine Arts, Business Careers, English Language Arts, Health Phys Ed, Technology Media

Graphic Arts, Journalism, Internet, Media Literacy, Visual Arts

A Day in the Life of...
This unit uses multi-disciplinary work to help students learn more about the professional world of sports medicine. Students conduct online research on sports medicine, contact professionals in the field, craft interview questions, engage in online discourse with these professionals, and create a brochure using information obtained from these interviews.
High School

Business Careers

A Home Economics WebQuest: Home Design & Management
This project uses a WebQuest to provide students with a knowledge and understanding of design, building and management of the home to meet individual and family needs.
High School

Business Careers, Mathematics, Technology Media

Accounting, Software Programs

Accounting in a Nutshell
The idea is to complete a set of accounts for a fictional sporting goods company. This involves the completion of numerous business documents, from letters of enquiry right up to drawing of cheques. Students then have to use these source documents in the compilation of a set of accounts for Ken McGrath Sports Ltd.
Middle School , High School

Business Careers, Technology Media

Digital Media

Assembing a PC
A understanding of assembling computer hardware is covered in this unit. This is a photographic resource which has been used to support the technology curriculum.
High School

Business Careers, English Language Arts, Technology Media

Writing, Software Programs

Bright On Design - A School Business Gives Back
Good businesses give back to the community. That's what these Graphic Arts students discover when they apply classroom knowledge to a graphic design business for the school community.
High School

Business Careers, Mathematics, Technology Media

Money, Software Programs

Business Spreadsheets
This unit provides a scheme of work for students studying GCSE ICT (UK) who often ask the importance of learning spreadsheets. Students imagine that they own a business which is seeking more efficient stock control mechanisms.
High School

Business Careers, Mathematics


Business Studies, Finance and Accounting
There are six brief numerical challenges to test the student's knowledge of the key relationships of the unit. Each section also has a collection of multiple choice questions and a data-response task. Students can download spreadsheets of sample accounts that they can analyse using the skills they have learned. They can then suggest strategies for the business to pursue, using their skills of evaluation.
High School

Business Careers

Cake Artistry
The craft of Cake Artistry is presented in visual and textual form, beginning with the baking of the cake and concluding with the finished product. Links are provided from the main pages to relevant Home Economics and Cake Artistry websites.
High School

Business Careers

Career Choice
Career Choice is a program designed to assist secondary students to make an informed choice of post secondary school career. It take the form of a career assessment as well as offering a points calculator and links to relevant institutions.
Middle School

Business Careers, Mathematics, Social Studies

Money, Community Culture

Consumer Web-ucation
Students will be covering areas such as: being a good consumer, consumer awareness, laws, rights and protection as well as writing a letter of complaint. This unit encourages students to search and discover information for themselves rather than relying solely on the teacher.
Middle School , High School

Business Careers, Health Phys Ed, Science, Social Studies, Technology Media

Biology, Community Culture, Internet

Courage Connection 2 Kids 4 Kids
Students help children cope with extended hospital stays when they give helpful hints and exchange stories of personal courage. Helped by high school mentors, students write and post their personal stories on their own Courage Connections web page and share information on careers in health care with the school community.
High School

Business Careers, English Language Arts, Technology Media

Writing, Digital Media, Software Programs

Creating Audio Content with Audacity
Over four lessons, this project aims to help students produce a radio advertisement using the free audio software "Audacity."
High School

Fine Arts, Business Careers, English Language Arts, Technology Media

Graphic Arts, Writing, Software Programs, Visual Arts

Desktop Publishing
Students will proceed through the steps of identifying, analysing, designing, implementing and evaluating a document for publication.
High School

Business Careers, Science, Social Studies

Biology,Botany, Earth Science, Community Culture

Environmental Studies at Millenium Park
Millennium Park sited on a former landfill adjacent to West Roxbury High recently opened after years of planning and construction. Meeting with park engineers and organizers, students incorporated park-related studies into their curriculum and went on a Web Tour of careers in Biology/Ecology.
High School

Fine Arts, Business Careers


Evaluation of Practical Cookery
This project highlights several areas of home economics, such as childcare, crafts, cooking, and textiles.
High School

Business Careers, Social Studies

American History, Community Culture

Exploratory Teaching
Exploratory Teaching is designed for students who are interested in becoming teachers. The course includes the study of teaching as a profession, the history of education, social issues in education, teaching practices and instructional strategies, as well as field experiences in the high school. Students will work as teacher aides and must complete such tasks as designing lesson plans, designing and decorating bulletin boards, and learning various classroom procedures.
High School

Business Careers, English Language Arts, Technology Media

Writing, Internet

Exploring Careers Online - The Job Hunt
Students will use Internet resources to learn about how to apply for a job, how to key their application letter and resume, and tips on the interview process. They will also learn how to post their resume, cover letter, and employment application directly online, thus learning about the time-efficient changing nature of the workplace.
High School

Business Careers, Science


FarmNet: The Agricultural Science Website
This site explores agriculture in Ireland, including farm safety, sheep production, and animal classification.
High School

Business Careers, Mathematics

Accounting, Money

Finance and Accounting
This resource focuses on the profit and loss account and the balance sheet, along with the tools required to analyze them. We also look at how businesses use cash flow forecasts, how they find sponsorship, and how they create budgets.
High School

Business Careers, Health Phys Ed

Fishing for Food and Nutrition
Using the WebQuest format, students will investigate various species of fish, their nutritional value, and guidelines for purchase and storage, then present this information to the class.
High School

Business Careers, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Technology Media

Geometry, Internet, Software Programs

Geometry Shapes Playground Safety
How safe are our neighborhood playgrounds? Using the latest statistics from the National Program for Playground Safety, students discover that most of the nation's playgrounds rate only a C. High schoolers observe and report on children at local playgrounds. They research the Internet for safety tips and checklists. Then, they share their word-processed pamphlets, flyers or computer slide shows with high school peers and children from a neighborhood day care center.
High School

Business Careers, English Language Arts

Get a Job
What does it take to get a job that will lead to a successful career path? This WebQuest helps students identify positions on the job market and career interests, and understand the application and interview process.
High School

Business Careers, English Language Arts, Technology Media

Writing, Internet, Software Programs

Get a Life!
Get A Life! is a program that is designed to help students begin preparation for life after high school. It starts with the students creating a web page in which they describe the life they wish to have in ten years. Then they begin research on potential careers. They take several assessment quizzes to find out what career would be suitable for them.
High School

Business Careers, English Language Arts, Technology Media

Writing, Internet, Software Programs

Get Organized with Google Applications
Students will gain an understanding of the power of the Google Applications as organizational tools to better facilitate time management and student achievement while utilizing state of the art Web 2.0 tools. Students will learn to set up Google/G-mail accounts, personalize their homepage (iGoogle) and toolbar, and use applications to fulfill assignments, collaborate with others in online editing, and keep online calendar(s).

Business Careers, Science, Technology Media

Physics, Scientific Method, Software Programs

Go Robo
Go-Robo is a programming language that enables students to develop control of a range of WowWee Robosapien robots.The software is suitable for KS2-3 (UK) students and makes for cross phase liaison. Girls in particular show high engagement with the robots.
High School

Business Careers, Social Studies

Global History

Habsburgs, Inc.
This WebQuest is designed to help students understand and apply principles of organization and rule in current day businesses or organizations that can be gleaned from an examination of this dynasty. Students will gather Internet research about the Hapsburg Dynasty, then will take one of four roles as determined by the WebQuest. They will then evaluate the effect of the dynasty and apply the ruling principals and structure to a modern-day organization or business.

Business Careers, Social Studies, Technology Media

Community Culture, Software Programs

I Know Who Takes Care of Me
The overall plan for this thematic unit is that people in a community share the same commonalities. This program is a great way to establish a stronger school-community link as well as serving as an introduction to your school's Career Day.
High School

Business Careers

Introduction to Business
This series of tasks aims to start students thinking about some of the issues surrounding the setting up of a new business. It would work well at the start of the school year for Year 10/high school pupils as an introduction to what business is all about.
High School

Fine Arts, Business Careers, Technology Media

Drawing, Media Literacy, Visual Arts

Introductory Skills for GCSE
This is a course of six lessons, establishing a basic knowledge of equipment, media, product analysis, presentation, and drawing techniques for GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) Graphics Products and Product Design.
High School

Business Careers, Technology Media


Irish Government Acts
The aim of this project is to help students and teachers deal with the seven pieces of legislation required for the Leaving Certificate Business syllabus in Ireland.
High School

Business Careers, Mathematics

Accounting, Money

Life Style Finances
Life Style Finances is designed to prepare students with the financial skills to meet their everyday needs both now and in life after school. It covers the following topics income, expenditure, budgeting, credit, debt, savings, banking, insurance and taxation.
Elementary , High School

Business Careers, English Language Arts

Reading Literacy, Writing

Literacy Leaders: Cross-School Mentoring
Using the latest technology, high schoolers launch cross-school tutoring by scheduling five Read Aloud sessions with their elementary school Book Buddies. With children as their audience, older students interact in a REAL environment to raise their own learning standards and learn by teaching.
High School

Business Careers, Health Phys Ed

Meat--Farm to Fork: A Home Economics WebQuest
The site focuses on Meat from the Food Studies and Consumer Studies perspective of a Home Economics course as well as providing some interesting and simple recipes. The site is designed using a webquest structure and it encourages students to become independent learners and construct their own learning.
High School

Business Careers, English Language Arts, Technology Media

Digital Media, Internet, Software Programs

Networking - Techies as Teachers
How does networking work? Bilingual students with backgrounds in computer technologies demystify how information travels via global networking. By developing and presenting mini-workshops, they enhance the computer knowledge of their lower school classmates.
High School

Business Careers, English Language Arts, Technology Media

Reading Literacy, Writing, Internet

Open for Business: Get Ready for HS Internships
"Open For Business: Get Ready for HS Internships” gives the students the opportunity to discuss fears and expectations of the work world, and prepare themselves for internships.
High School

Business Careers, Technology Media

Media Literacy, Software Programs

Practical Networking
Computer networking is a component of every GCSE (UK) and A level ICT course, but it is largely theoretical. By the use of photographs and illustrations, this site gives a practical introduction to using network components.
High School

Business Careers, ESL, Science

Earth Science

Recycle with EPA - Entrepreneurial Paper Activities
How can students Think Globally, Act Locally? A team of ungraded high schoolers and bilingual ninth graders responded to this challenge by applying recycling guidelines to a venture capitalist model. Students visited a recycle center and a plastic s museum to assess how discarded material can evolve into useful and/or aesthetic objects. Identifying paper overuse as a major school problem, the young entrepreneurs hosted representatives from Earthworm, Inc. and learned how to recycle school paper.
High School

Business Careers, Special Ed

Rx for Tired Classrooms - Voc Ed to the Rescue
Students, who are just beginning to investigate building and carpentry careers, advertise their shop know-how. They enhance classrooms by installing white boards and bulletin boards along with rehabbing chalkboards and creating storage areas throughout the campus. They recycle materials commonly labeled unusable, manage their time, and analyze and solve problems while actively improving the learning environment.
High School

Fine Arts, Business Careers, Technology Media

Graphic Arts, Digital Media, Software Programs, Visual Arts

Scratch is a new programming language from MIT which teaches all the basics of computer programming using a straightforward graphical interface and which allows students to create their own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art.
High School

Business Careers, English Language Arts, Social Studies

Journalism, Literature, Writing, American History

Seeing Through Lyddie's Eyes: A Historical Career Search
Students study the Industrial Revolution in order to make connections between historical events and their contemporary lives. Students visit the Lowell Mills and observe first-hand the experiences of working men and women during the Industrial Revolution. They relate this to Lyddie, which they read in class, and to two theatrical presentations.
High School

Business Careers, ESL

Step Into the Real World - Careers & Service Learning
This project recognizes that new immigrants need sudent-to-student guidance on college and career choices long before high school graduation. School partners, Liberty Mutual Group and The Boston Private Industry Council (PIC), provide opportunities for on-the-job observation and training. Students help organize career fairs and share insights with their grade nine peers.
High School

Business Careers, Technology Media

Software Programs

TechAssist 1 - Networking for Student Service
Combining technology with service, students come up with solutions for classroom technology problems. Students format computers, install operating systems, configure protocols, download software, diagnose and troubleshoot most common computer problems.
Middle School , High School

Fine Arts, Business Careers, Mathematics, Technology Media

Drawing, Graphic Arts, Geometry, Visual Arts

Technical Drawing
This project focuses on the development of technical drawing skills at Key Stage 3. With the use of suitable equipment and processes, this project encourages students to visualize and construct graphics and shapes.
High School

Business Careers

Textiles, Fashion and Design
The aim of this WebQuest is to allow students to further develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to certain aspects of the core in Home Economics, particularly textiles and design.

Business Careers, Mathematics, Special Ed, Technology Media

Toy Planet
Toy Planet is a unit designed to teach children to operate a business. They design a store, supply it with merchandise (on paper) and create advertisements. They also manage the store's debits and credits by using a spreadsheet. They keep track of their products through a database and learn how promote a sale of their merchandise.
High School

Business Careers, Foreign Language, Social Studies

Community Culture, Geography Habitats

Travaillons a Paris
This project was designed for advanced students of the French language who want to prepare for a working holiday in France. There are pages written in both French and English.

Business Careers


What Will I Be?
The children decide which profession they would like to pursue as adults. They research that profession on the Internet, then type up a paragraph about what they would need to do to be successful in that career. After that, they create business cards for themselves incorporating graphics from the Internet.
High School

Business Careers, Social Studies

Community Culture

Who Am I? What Do I Want to Do? How to I Get There from Here?
The purpose of this unit is to introduce students to a growing self-awareness that enhances their ability to make career choices that are sympathetic to their skills and joy, resulting in a better sense of what kind of college they should apply to. Students will determine several resources and home/community/school connections that will help them achieve their goals.
High School

Business Careers, Science, Social Studies

Chemistry, Earth Science, Community Culture

Wising Up to Water: Simple Yet Complex
High schoolers collaborate with Urban Ecology Institute (UEI) at Boston College and Vista volunteers to share chemistry and media technology skills with local elementary students. They investigate water careers, pursue testing techniques, and use curricula from the local water authority and the Internet.
Elementary , Middle School

Business Careers, English Language Arts

Poetry Creative Writing, Writing

Write Away
Write Away is a unit designed to teach students various methods of writing and to be aware of its importance in their lives.
Elementary , Middle School

Business Careers, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology Media

Poetry Creative Writing, Reading Literacy, Writing, Community Culture, Email

Writing Buddies: The Writing/Teaching Life
When middle schoolers become Writing Buddies to a group of third graders, they learn how to appreciate the work of young writers while sharpening their own editing skills. Using technology, students exchange writing responses, and engage in thoughtful conversations about what constitutes good writing.
Middle School , High School

Business Careers, Technology Media

Internet, Software Programs

You Want It! We Got It!
In this unit on market research, students create and conduct consumer surveys, analyze the results, and graph them in a spreadsheet. They draw conclusions from the results and illustrate them in a PowerPoint presentation.
Journey Back to the Great Before

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