Verbena's Secret Diary Pages




"The One and Only.................. da dum....." 

                       VERBENA JOLICOING

(soon to be a fabulous movie I'm sure! I'm sure! I'm sure!)



ENTRY NUMBER 1: SPRING…OUR VERY FIRST YEAR IN GUINOLET HAUT(as pictured above in one of Mum's cool paintings!)

Right now I am curled up in my red fireman's PJ’s that grandma Lilac sent me from America, and wearing these double cool bumble bee furry slippers that my friend Grace had stolen from her sister Abigail right after Christmas and which she traded me for some great lip gloss I had bought which Mum doesn't know anything about.

(Aren't they cute?)

Karma is so soft and is sitting on my lap like a little ball of fluffy innocence.  Ha.  She isn’t talking much tonight. I wonder if something's wrong with her?  Or maybe she is mad at us?  Anyway, she is totally cute and cuddly and I love her a lot - even though she tells me what to  do too much.  I mean she IS a dog, after all. Woof!!!

It is really black outside and super quiet.  I wonder why?  Wow!  This strange white cat jumps onto the window sill - she is staring inside - at us! She has huge blue, sort of glowy eyes.

I don't think anyone has noticed her except for me.  Her eyes remind me of Madame Aligot.  But I guess I'm just being silly.

I am on the old beat-up kitchen armchair waiting for Dad to start reading from the humungous, totally awesome book he found hidden behind the fireplace when we first moved in here, and that we have been working on really hard to translate.  I mean super hard and I can tell you, Diary, it has not been easy.  But I have been really great at it and finding all of these things that are pictures of things - like grass and rivers and mountaintops.  Stuff like that.  Pictograms to be scientific.  Dad says I am the best detective in the family.  But that doesn’t surprise me.  Not one bit.                            

Cosmos is drawing some weird bugs     into his weird bug notebook and Mum is just looking at the big roaring fire in the fireplace with this silly grin on her face like a cat who has just eaten a bowl of yummy thick cream.  Dad is busy putting his big black glasses on and off about a million times.

Lets' face it.  My family is weird.  I mean altogether weird.  No question!!!!  It seems like I am the only normal Jolicoing and I’m not normal at all!  I think I would die if I  were normal.

In fact I refuse to ever ever be normal.  And, I refuse to ever bore myself.  Ever.  (Grace told me she never bores herself and I thought that was cool.  So I am saying and thinking it too and Grace said she doesn't really mind because it would be boring if she did mind).  Grace is one of the English kids in my new French school.  She is really nice and so is her sister Abigail and so is Amandine Soufflé who is French like almost everyone else in school.  We (Amandine and I) trade clothes all the time even though we can't quite understand each other yet.  But I figure in a few months my French will get better and we'll be blabbing like crazy on the phone. No wait! Make that sending text messages in FRENCH!!! 

The good news is that the kids in my new French school like me and I like them.  Well, most of them.  We talk to each other in sign language and wave our hands around all over the place when we are saying things, if you know what I mean.  It must look really funny. 

Right now this very minute I so so so a million times want to be able to hear the animals.  Even more than my new friends.  Really!  And we keep waiting and waiting.  Karma says I’m too impatient.  But that’s ridiculous. I am as patient as any girl my age could could be expected to be.  More! 

Uh oh…Dad is about to start reading to us. I must tell you Diary before I go how great and cool it is to be here and how great and cool it is to be moi and how amazing my new rasberry sparkly lip gloss looks on me.  Over and Out.

(Can you tell, Diary, I LLLOOOOVVVVEEEE butterflies!!!!!! AND!!! They love me!!!!!!!!)            

P.S. Mum is looking normal again but Cosmos is still weird.