The Animal Blogs



I am here to tell you a tale.  It goes like this.

Once upon a time there was the magnificent earth and on it was life in many magnificent forms.  There were plants.  There were animals.  And finally there were humans. 

All of the millions and millions of life forms on the planet behaved as we were expected to do. We considered ourselves part of big family called 'Nature' and lived in great and good harmony in a golden age later called 'The Great Before'.

But then something changed.  The humans grew greedy and wanted to control all of nature.  They created problems for every life form and betrayed us, the animals, most dreadfully.

We were outraged.  Furious.  It was then we creatures of the planet forbade humans the right to understand our languages, ever again.

And so it happened that over the years, the humans grew apart from nature.  So far apart that this species began to threaten every life form.  Every animal.  Every mountain.  Every sea, every river, every field.  And more.

We grew afraid. 

It fell upon me, the king, to reach back far into time to the days of the animal ancients to find the remedy to the disaster which we know, as only animals can know, is bound to come.

Thus, I summoned the one family of humans who could save us.

But they are innocent of such knowledge and innocent of their remarkable powers.

There is only one path which will ensure the continuation of life on Earth.  You shall read of this in the pages of this story, which we, the animals, have written for you.

"Ah!" I can hear your thoughts.  You think it is a fable.  A confection just for children.  But I assure you, readers, it is not.

Listen closely.  You will journey to my hill.  You will meet my trusted Council: Hawk, White Horse, the dog Karma, and the human/animal with extraordinary powers.  We call her She-Who-Becomes-Us.

The humans call her Madame Aligot.

You shall meet the chief human characters of the family Jolicoing: the children, Verbena and Cosmos, and the parents, Zinnia and Coriander.  Each has a role to play.  Each has secrets to discover and magic to unleash.

You shall meet the miserable clan of animals we call The Wrong Ones.  More about them later. 

You shall come to know the dog, Karma.  For she makes the first shocking contact with these humans and, together with Madame Aligot, guides them through their difficult challenges and trials. 

Finally, you shall encounter a host of creatures who inhabit the hill with me.  Each has his own tale to tell and each has his own particular character, defined, as we all are, by the years we have spent together on this great and magical hill.

Pay attention humans!  The ending of my story depends upon you.  I speak the truth.