Cool French Words


What happened was that Mum and Dad and Verbena and I sat down one afternoon at the table and tried to figure out what were the coolest French words to put on this Website.  Mum wanted to put words that had to do with stuff she likes like painting and walking and cooking and flowers.  Dad thought the words should point to scientific things and nature and Verbena figured you'd want to know great French words for food and clothes and hair and magic in general.  I was sure that the best words would be sports words and bug and animal names and things like that.  After a while none of us could agree on anything so we decided to each have a go with our favourite words.  I think that is cool.  I mean, you'll get a super choice.

And then we decided to kind of write how the words sound in the word for good night which is Bonne say it like 'bon nuuee'.  OK?

P.S.  We each picked seven words.  One for each day of the week!  (Oh, and all of the different colours were Mum's and Verbena's idea).  Ok.  Some words are nouns and some are verbs and adverbs and different parts of speech really.  But hang on.  Don't worry.  I mean it's not a class or anything and there no tests at all.  Just these cool new French words!  OK?  Here goes.

P.P.S.  French words, I mean the nouns that is, are either masculine or feminine.  Don't ask why.  It's just one of those things you have to learn and I don't have a clue who invented it or decided which should be which.  It's definitely weird.  But if it's a masculine noun (referring to a person, place or thing) it will be Le before the word, and if it's feminine it will be La.

P.P.S.S.  Uh oh!  One more thing.... If there are two vowels together (the vowels are A-E-I-O-U) between le or la and the word itself, then you make an apostrophe between them instead of the first vowel.  Not a big deal to remember.  So no worries.

Here is the first group of words.

From MUM 

Tree     L'Arbre (arrr-breh)

Flower     La Fleur (fler)

Garden     Le Jardin (zhar-dan)

A Painting     Un Tableau (uh tab-loh)

Red     Rouge (roo-zhe)

Black     Noir (nwar)

Green     Vert (vare)

From DAD

Rock     La Roche (rohsh)

River     La Riviรจre (riv-ee-air)

Mountain     La Montagne (mon-tie-nye)

Rain     La Pluie (ploo-ee)

Snow     La Neige (nair-zhe)

Ancient     Ancien (ahn-cee-ahn)

Old     Vieux (vee-uh)


Hair     Les Cheveux (shev-euh)

Kitchen     La Cuisine (kwee-zeen)

Hat     Le Chapeau (shap-oh)

I     Je (zhuh)

Make-up     Le Maquillage (mack-ee-ahzh)

Magazine     Le Magazine (mag-a-zeen)

Shoe     La Chaussure (shoh-syure)

From ME

Me     Moi (mwah)

You     Vous (vooo) (if you don't really know someone well) or Tu (teuuu) (if they are your good friend or family etc)

Football (soccer in American)     Le Foot

Ball     Le Ballon (bahl-on)

Butterfly     Le Papillon (pap-ee-on)

Wild Boar     Le Sanglier (song-lee-aye)

Dog     Le Chien (shee-ahn)

OK?  So that's it for right now.  Hope you liked these.  And we all have heaps of words that are really great and that I think you'll like a lot.  So, over and out for now.

Yours Sincerely,

COSMOS JOLICOING (kahz-mohz jolly-kwang)

P.S.  If you have any really favourite words you'd like to hear in French, No Problema.  Just send them to me and I'll figure them out and send them back to you.  Bye again.  CJ